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I’ve written before in books and blogs about the issue of spoken English and the black underclass, but for the record I will try to summarize some of my thoughts about it (trigger warning).

"Tracing that rumored racial slur to its source was like running a gopher to earth", Jet wrote.It is already burdened and beset by the unintended consequences of the financial racketeering so pervasive across American life these days. People are not so interested in these issues since the Federal Reserve saved the world with free money, and what I had to say did not include anything on race, gender, and white privilege.But in promoting the official suppression of ideas, it is really committing intellectual suicide, disgracing its mission to civilized life. However, after the talk, I went out for dinner with four faculty members and one friend-of-faculty. One was an urban planner and one was an ecology prof."No one had any expectations, he being was such a strange, quiet fellow — so completely foreign, but he sang and read a scene from The Rainmaker and answered questions asked from off-screen — and it was phenomenal. For ten years, 1966 to 1976, China slid into the chaotic maw of Mao Zedong’s “cultural revolution.” A youth army called the Red Guard was given license to terrorize authorities all over the nation — teachers, scientists, government officials, really just about anyone in charge of anything.

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I was not at the dinner, but two of my friends/colleagues were; I trust their recollections implicitly.

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