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Use your time together to reconnect without any distractions. I’m not saying change who you are but be open to trying something new.Wear a bright bold color, wear a flowy summer dress that reveals just enough of your sun kissed skin to get his attention, change your hairstyle or try a bold lipstick color. But be spontaneous, have it during the day instead of at night or if you two are home alone take it out of the bedroom. Greet them with a hug or kiss when they come home and ask them how their day was.All my friends have one or two girls and then got married and have kids.

It wasn’t a professional video but it captured the most magical parts of our wedding the reading of our vows and our first dance. I was able to see the happiness that graced our faces. It was a sweet reminder of the fact that we have a good thing.Each time I read them I find myself filled with warm happy feelings and a reaffirmed appreciation for my husband.It could be the song you danced to on your wedding day or a song that always reminded you of each other.When we first started dating our spouses, the butterflies were non-stop.For many of us the frequency of butterflies dwindled while the feelings of love remained.

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For some couples the honeymoon period was the height of marital bliss.

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