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If the illness can not be treated by the one full-lime and two part-time nurses on staff, two local internal medicine specialists, Dr. Michelle Mayeux, visit the clinic once a week and on special circumstances to treat ill students.

Student Health Services, along with Counseling & Career Services and Student Support Services, facilitates an on- campus health screening to provide information about health risks three times a year.

The care and dedication that the nurses and physicians put into their work makes them true assets to NSU.

Adam Zelasko v Junioi education majoi Melissa Anderson makes u file loi u ihi Iumi I.

Newsom, a health and human performance major from Mt. m ■ I Photo by Teranda Donatio Free condoms are available to students in addition to informational pamphlets about safe sex.Photo by Chris Reich u i on 1 Have you every walked through the second floor of the Student Union and noticed a wall full of pictures on it?Did you ever wonder who they were and how they got their picture on the wall?I saved up money from a previous summer job." Van White, senior theatre major "I spend about a month on renting and going to the movies. Sometimes I wish I had more money for gas." Lacie Hughes, freshman psychology major "Keep your money in the bank.It is a lot easier to spend cash than money in a bank account." Megan Davis, freshman elementary education major "Buying books I don't need wastes my money." . Cody Crisham, sophomore criminal justice major "My parents give me money." Allyce Hartt, junior early childhood development major "I buy more clothes than I need and I don't even wear half the clothes I have." i John Hughes, sophomore general studies major "I waste money on buying too many DVDs. I usually spend 0 a month on DVDs." (Above) Greeks celbrating unity during a basketball tournament.

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