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Whether you’re biting into a slice of creamy fudge or leaving with an ice cream cone, you won’t be disappointed.

One trip to Marshall’s will satisfy your sweet tooth in the most intense way possible.

"He'd run in here like his hair was on fire, then thumb through the celebrity posters of Farrah Fawcett, Cheryl Tiegs and that Wonder Woman lady - what was her name? Then he'd scamper back out into the mall, his tie flapping behind him like a snake's tongue.

Here are ten sweet shops in the Great Lakes State where you can satisfy your sugar cravings.Since 1887, Murdick’s has been serving supremely delicious fudge to Michiganders of all ages.Once you’ve had Murdick’s, your sweet tooth has been spoiled for life.He seemed sweet." "He quit coming to the mall for a spell," said fake mall security guard Ralph Crouch. "It was kinda weird that it was in the middle of July, but who am I to judge ...? If you’ve got a sweet tooth, nothing hits the spot quite like a smooth and creamy slice of homemade fudge.

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