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Messaged him and found out that there are only 2 options. They just put you in there and expect you'll learn your lesson.If they don't monitor your private conversations this app would be amazing. Sharing number with every senior bro who has contributed to the group some regular members. I am open for sharing contacts, as would like to follow Rahul Bhai / Bong engineer here- who has helped every- Senior or a newbie, but don't pay extra and jack up the prices please and don't be rude to any contact that I share. I just experienced it and writing this FR ASAP, still sitting at metro station Saket. Thanks to forum seniors and bros I knew the rates couldn't be higher than 2.5 to 3 k. Got the 2nd condom and the same happened so didn't try for the 3rd time. The first one is of catching an STD and this is to such a limit that even after encounter I keep checking for signs and keep hoping all is good and well. Salute to fellow bros, The SP I shared earlier is fake and charging humoungos rates. While the brother was ok, he did not budge lower than 4 k. Heard and felt a tear so took out the dick immediately and the condom was torn. I really want some advice as this paranoia is linked and deeply connected with out mongering world and I want to know how do you guys battle this out.

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