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6 Weeks Pregnancy - The size of your baby is 8 mm and is growing rapidly. - By the end of this week your morning sickness will be more obvious, so take care of your diet, avoid fatty food, drink a lot of water, eat small frequent meals all through the day, and don’t forget your vitamins and vitamin D. - By this week his genitalia is formed but it is not recognizable on ultrasound until 16 weeks although the sex of your baby is determined since fertilization - Why you have to urinate more?Because HCG is increased and it affects the blood flow to the kidney, your kidneys are more efficient and they clear waste more, also your uterus is compressing your urinary bladder.

How do you get the show on the road and get pregnant fast?

As your ovaries prepare to release an egg, your cervix makes more mucus.

A few days before ovulation, it may be sticky and cloudy or whitish.

Cervical mucus: The same hormones that control your menstrual cycle also affect the mucus that your cervix makes.

Just before and during ovulation, the amount, color, and texture of it changes to make it easier for you to get pregnant.

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