Polycom 450 updating initial configuration

(You don’t need to raise a change request for this, trust me). Because Lync is all SSL-secured, we need to copy the Front-End’s root cert to the config file that the phone will suck.Jeff’s covered it off nicely here, so I’ll skim a little. / Certificates / Add / Computer Account / Next / Finish / OK.“OK” when you’ve done, then back-arrow until you’re prompted to save config: If the phone doesn’t automatically reboot at this point, back-arrow or press Menu to get out, then select Menu, 3Status, 1Basic, 4Restart Phone and Yes. At this point, the screen on the phone cycled through a range of messages: Once you make it through all of the above, you have a phone ready to talk to Lync, but it’s not yet authenticated.From the phone, select Menu / 3Settings / 1Basic / 4Login Credentials.Here’s the content of the “Lync Shared Example” file, with a couple of elements I’ve added: Here’s the finished product: This file effectively becomes the template your Lync phones will use to find the certificate and the Lync Front-End.

In this environment the phones need to download (firmware – naturally) but also write back their config and log files, which we’re going to neatly tuck into sub-directories, hence the check against “ Subdirs” below.Press down/down/tick to move past the domain and username to get to the password field.Now’s about the time you curse if you’ve used some fancy characters in your password, because try as you might you won’t find them in the phone. The 500 is visually consistent with the 600, and the tight admin and firmware integration both enjoy with Lync can’t be matched.If so, you would quickly discover that the handsets will not respond to auto provisioning from 3CX and any manual configuration on your part leads to unpredictable results.After few painful and futile attempts, I was able to create a process that will work consistently.

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