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Now: Marguerite's breakout role was in 2001 as a camp counselor in the cult classic Then: Recruited to join the Ducks because of her figure skating skills, Tammy, played by Jane Plank, was one of two girls on the team.But during hockey games, she stuck to figure skating and used her skills as a diversion to score against opposing teams.

Now: After his role in Then: Marguerite played Connie, or the "The Velvet Hammer," as Averman referred to her as in the beginning of the film.For most of the show's first season, Jamal's father rejected him for being gay, but Jamal eventually won over the Lyons family patriarch/sociopath and was chosen to run the business.Expect all that to change, though, because Then: Vincent played Adam Banks, the star hockey player on a rival team who was forced to join the Ducks partway through the season.You can hear some of her songs on her Reverb Nation profile., where he plays Jamal Lyon, the middle son of hip-hop mogul Luscious and his ex-wife Cookie.

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