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And then guys she dated right up to graduate school could have been “the Ones”- they were everything she could have wanted. From shopping to paying bills to finishing a degree, the digital age has fed every desire with an answer of convenience.Most recently, at least to me, is the notion of online dating.My two favorite Deadeye Dick songs to play live are both from the second record, ; they are "It Doesn’t Really Matter" and "I Know Better" which are both jangly and bouncy musically while being fairly acerbic lyrically. all the time and I loved playing "Your Love Is Killing Me" in those settings. Since 90s 411 is dedicated to all things 90s, we’d love for you to weigh in with your favorites from this very cool decade.From the first record, I’d say "Sentimental Crap;" before we were signed, Mark and I played tons of open mics in N. I agree the 90’s were a great decade for music-that brief period in the earlier years when alternative terrestrial radio stations popped up all over (before they all fell under one of two corporate overlords). What are you and your fellow Deadeye Dick band mates up to these days? Mark Miller and I both work in the bustling Louisiana film industry (me in the Art Department, Mark as both a Production Supervisor as well as a fairly busy actor (as Mark Adam). The Moon stays in Scorpio most of the day until enters Sagittarius later tonight. The Moon is in Scorpio, until it enters Sagittarius tonight.I have to say I never characterized my/our music as such-they might be Mark Miller’s words (he took over the Deadeye Dick My Space page from a fan who was kind enough to set it up in the first place. Obviously, several legendary trumpet players and progenitors of rock & roll, R&B and funk have come from here.If asked to describe our music, I think I would be far more prosaic and just call it power-alterna-pop that wears it’s Brit influences on its sleeves. One common thread is most of us actually tend to play a hair behind the beat, with what a record producer pal of mine refers to as a "greasy" feel.

We were invited to the premier, but were on the road and had to defer, so no. What is your favorite Deadeye Dick song to play live?

Some of these guys posted pictures of their children, some posted pictures with captions that read “DTF” (WTF??!!

), and the most heinous: the men who had multiple selfies as their default pictures (to me, the unpardonable sin). I saw some redneck guys, some professional guys, and hey, even an ex-boyfriend or two.

Read about his time with the band, their hit song, his take on the 90s and what the band members are up to now. You were in your early 30s when Deadeye Dick hit it big. Well, I had been playing music professionally since I was 15 and both Mark & Billy had also been playing for quite some time.

Fun fact: all three of us, at one time or another, sold women’s shoes, so I guess we were destined to play together. How did you decide on "Deadeye Dick" as your band name? Did you just like the sound of it, or is there something about that book in particular that you were drawn to? "New Age Girl" had no really direct inspiration; I had an ex-girlfriend with whom I and my parents were still friendly.

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