Interracial dating among college students

Andy unlocked the van doors and let Terry back in, then he lay beside me, kissing me, and asking if I'd enjoyed it. Terry knelt between my knees, and I thought he wanted to fuck me too, but he stuck his head between my legs and began to lick my pussy.I bucked up under him as he sucked on my clit, and looked up to see Andy sporting a fresh erection, glistening with our combined love juices.I spread my legs, and I could soon feel Andy's fingers plunging into my hot, wet pussy.I felt his cock through his trousers, and felt along its length.He eventually arranged for me to meet Andy, his work colleague.Andy was gorgeous: young, fit, and very good-looking.My husband Terry has always had a fantasy about me being fucked by a black man, especially in the back of a van for some reason.He went on and on at me for ages to live out his fantasy, and I must admit, the thought of it had my juices flowing, so I decided to go along with it.

Andy told me to get in the back, and I quickly clambered over the seats.

We had a few drinks in a local bar, and it soon became clear to Andy just what we were there for.

I'd dressed just as Terry wanted, a blouse with no bra, short skirt and stockings, no knickers and high-heeled shoes.

Terry sat in the back, on a mattress he had put there, while Andy and I were kissing in the front.

He was soon hard at work on my tits, sucking and nibbling on my nipples, while Terry sat staring at us.

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Terry said it would be a voyeur's dream to see a pretty white blonde like myself, taking a big black cock all the way up my pussy.

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