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It’s woefully inadequate and does absolutely nothing to address misconceptions about sexual pleasure, virility or potency. Every single aspect, from the positions to the fake orgasms to the full body waxing to the money shots, is all about what looks best on the camera and gets the viewer off quicker.

As a result: the vast majority of our education in sex comes from porn. Unfortunately, the ubiquity of porn and the lack of means that we absorb all the wrong lessons from it.

well, shitfire son, you’re just not really a man, are you?

This is especially true when it comes to sexual endurance.

But while premature ejaculation is a real problem, a great deal of the anxiety over one’s sexual endurance focuses on the idea that a “real” man should be able to bang out for literally is around 7 minutes.

To learn how to clench the PC muscles, try to cut off the flow of urine next time you’re in the bathroom. Doing three reps of 15 clenches per day will tighten up those muscles, and make it easier to pull back from the point of no return during sex.

Next, you want to vary up the speed and rhythm of your thrusts.

Expecting your sex life to mirror porn in anything but the basic tab-a-goes-into-slot-b mechanics is going to be setting yourself up for disappointment and an unsatisfying love life.

The old idea that you can delay your orgasm by thinking of something unerotic – your parents doing the Lambada, Mitch Mc Connell, running down the multiplication tables – is actually a mistake that a lot of guys make.

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The men apply numbing solutions (or occasionally – and I shit you not – or perform only-works-in-porn moves like pulling their cock out and slapping it against his costar’s thigh or vagina in order to dial back the urgent need to come.

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