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That was the first time we got a glimpse into who Clive was; the man behind the badge. How they created far more danger for everyone; they fleshed out the mythology of our world. We’ve got a much richer kind of environment right now, far more Big Bads. And [ writer] Bob Dearden, and we also go back and forth, because they’re San Antonio Spurs fans, and they beat the Knicks in ’99 in the championship. RELATED: Promotes Aly Michalka to Series Regular in Season 3 What has been your favorite pop culture reference so far? With the FBI agency, as well, I like how they expanded. Clive having a Knicks shirt when Liv tells him he’s a zombie. Buckley: Off the cuff, the magician episode I thought had so many great nods to the whole street magic, David Blaine. Malcolm Goodwin: I also like how all the characters and all the worlds interconnected. Anders: If I’m kicking your ass or you’re slapping mine. RELATED: Malcolm Goodwin on Clive Learning Liv's Secret What is your favorite personal touch the writers have given each of your characters? I also love the way that everything came to an end, all that action stuff. I like the way all the storylines came together, all the way the characters got to interact and how everything got to blow up. Goodwin: I know for me, it’s making Clive a Knicks fan. Rick: Before we get to the one question we should tell people what you’ve been up to lately. We hope people like it, because, hey, we’re having a great time doing it. We have a lust and a need for brains, because if we don’t eat brains, we will become that prototypical, walking, dead zombie. She quits med school, and starts working at the morgue, so, she has access to brains. You play a bad guy once, they don’t let you do comedy. I’ve been let into the club, if you will, and I’m over the moon about it. Rob Thomas, the creator of the show; and Diane Ruggiero, a write, have relly crafted a pretty cool, little TV show. We have visions of before they died or any time in there… Rick: That touches on the mechanics of the show a bit. This happens, and she doesn’t know what to do, she knows that, she needs brains. With this particular show, having that connection allows us to bring a certain energy to the scenes.

Their characters may have increasingly complicated relationships on screen, but off screen, the cast has formed a tight bond. Especially if you’re trying to do it in sound bites. Not only are we back here and it’s easier, but they like it. He’s the worst person to take a flight with, because he can fall asleep on the runway and is gone for hours.

Buckley: When the first [collectible] statue of Liv came out and when the action figures came out, that blew me away—then they came out with these little mini-figures of Blaine and Liv. That was surreal to be on stage with everybody and to be accepting that award.

I’ve had a mother-son team dressed up as Liv and Blaine.

Rick: We will let you do a comedy, as long as you still play the heavy. I would imagine, it is in April or maybe, February, March, or April? It’s very cool, it’s a beautiful course, very new, I love golf.

He is dealing drugs, and he is a sleaze ball, becomes a zombie, and moves from the drug vocation to a different vocation, which I can’t reveal to you. He is the main heavy, I am still playing heavies, but fun with it, this time. We don’t have a premiere date, it’s a mid season kind of a deal? Whenever day, unfurled the mid season replacements, that’s when we will come. It will be on the CW, we watch the skies, the zombie invasion is coming. This Great Wall type of thing, it is part of the cart path.

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