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It just started, but I feel so connected physically and mentally, and it’s driving me crazy! You must have confused me with a man who thinks that men should be in control and that women should just put up with all nonsense.

How can I get to a place where this doesn’t immobilize me? You must have misremembered some blog post where you thought I said that the ideal relationship is one where you’re walking on eggshells, anxious about the present, insecure with the future, and consistently questioning your man’s integrity. Any readers have a POSITIVE tale about how their panic-inducing relationship has lasted for thirty years?

And if he’s not giving you those 8 things, the only course of action is to walk away because you’re not getting your emotional needs met. BTW – books are great (Why he disappeared and Finding the One Online) – the profile is jamming baby – lots of dates, emails, calls, so now I can be picky!! I dumped the last guy after reading your site because he chose to be overwhelmed with work and not that into me.

If your interest tends to get piqued by being a ‘buffer’ to someone who is transitioning, it would be more beneficial to evaluate why this is attractive to you.

You camouflaging their issues is only causing you to blend into the background of your own life.

We can take the period of time since the breakup into account but we also need to note whether actions matching words are amounting to somebody who is available for a mutual, consistent, balanced (no pedestals / controlling), progressing relationship that can blossom into increasing intimacy and commitment. It’s very easy to look at a person’s age, background, what they earn, their relationship history, their appearance, their divorce, and whatever else we’re focusing on, and rule them in or out on this basis, but in the end, regardless of any of these things, we still have to assess our own boundaries and do the due diligence. If you typically struggle with the uncertainty that comes with being with somebody who still has their previous relationship to resolve, or you know based on experience that you’ve had your fingers burned by being involved with separated or recently broken up people, don’t go there.

spend with a person means that we get to see if actions and words match and whether what we thought or they suggested was on the cards is actually happening. A person cannot promise not to hurt you or that their marriage breaking up isn’t going to affect you hence if the possibility of either of these happening sends fear ripping through you, know your own boundaries instead of playing the breakup slot machine again. ‘Recent’ is of course subjective but it’s safe to say that if you become involved with someone who is weeks or even days out of their prior relationship, you’re gonna get some blowback.

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We may be imagining all sorts of problems that may or may not exist or we’re rationalising our own boundaries, values, and even prior experiences of being in one of these situations (so knowing that we may struggle with the emotional consequences) and are thinking along the lines of, ‘Well…

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