Cringe dating disasters

One time I was crying over my period pains and he went into a sulk because I didn’t want to do anything sexual with him.” via GIPHY “My coworker had this stage 5 clinger named Chris who had been major crushing on her for 2 years.

Anyway, at first being polite didn’t work, so he evolved into a condescending d—– bag.

I pull up each card on the computer, find it through the copious amounts of binders and set them aside for him to pay for it.

The whole time I’m being friendly and making small talk, like someone in my position is supposed to do. He sees me sitting alone and comes over to talk to me.

Here are 12 cautionary tales (gathered from Reddit) of people who’ve either dated or turned down nice guy nightmares. He texted me later, telling me how I hurt him by accepting his kindness, (the dinner he paid for even though he didn’t have to) and just sending him home alone.

“I went out on a first date, wasn’t feeling it, offered to pay the tab, he wouldn’t let me, we parted ways … He was horny, and, ‘Why don’t you come over and work off that dinner wink wink.'” via GIPHY “There was this guy in first year…

He would alternate between trying to convince me he was in love with me, and insisting he was not and that it ‘wouldn’t mean anything.'” via GIPHY “I worked at a well known game shop in my local mall.

Now, it’s important to know, this entire time the girl had a live-in boyfriend.He scoffed and huffed behind me until he caught up and said, ‘Gotta open your own door, huh? Following a successful date, the pair seemed ready to meet up for a second date. One fan tweeted: "I'm glad she decided to give it another go, nerves maybe? "She then tried to backtrack, saying: "You're funny, you're interesting, you're good looking…"Viewers instantly took to social media to discuss the awkward scene. A third said: "How can someone be too nice, never get that saying #firstdates.""Omg 'meeting him once, I don't know if I can spent the rest of my life with him'….a grip, he's lovely , get to know him 'off air'," wrote another.

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