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The formula of social, genetic and environmental factors that produces sexual behaviour is, she says, “more complicated than I or anybody would care to imagine.” Straight women obviously prefer men, and those preferences guide their sexual choices.

What it does mean, however, is that “sexual orientation” means something fundamentally different for men and women.

Being gay or lesbian just means being attracted to someone of the same sex.

“Gay and lesbian,” written in one breath, are just words for two gendered versions of the same thing.

In a third study, Chivers had her subjects look at still photographs of aroused genitals — erect penises and engorged vulvas — with no context, storyline or other sexual content.

This time, finally, the straight women came through.

, a 1996 support book for gay, lesbian, bisexual youth and their allies.

And it happens to one in 10 people, she added, probably unwittingly quoting 1940s sexologist Alfred Kinsey. Reading these numbers, I was curious whether the same ratio held true in gay and lesbian communities.

Even Kinsey, though, did not find that 10 percent of people were gay. Unfortunately, I had to resort to much less scientific means.

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